All you need to know about asset tags

Your assets are an important part of your business. And asset tags help you maintain your assets and manage them more effectively. If you own a large business corporation, asset tagging will enable you to manage your inventory expertly and you will be enable to keep a watchful eye on your valuable assets.

Asset tags – what are they?

Asset tags are labels made of either metal, plastic or polyester. They contain barcoded information and can be customised with an inscription such as a company logo. They are highly durable and can withstand all kinds of wear and tear. Some can be welded onto your equipment so you can make sure that they are not removed or lost.

Why are asset tags used?

Asset tags help you to prevent product theft and simplify inventory management. Tracking them is easy and you can file insurance claims in case of damage or loss of inventory.

Using an automatic asset protection system missing assets from the workplace can be effortlessly tracked.
How do I put this system in place?

Setting up an asset tagging system is really easy. First you have to choose the material of the asset tag. If you plan to tag factory equipment then metal asset tags will be a good option as they can withstand high temperatures and rough handling. You will then need to set up a computer system that has a database of all your assets. If you use barcode scanners to keep track of inventory, you can simply scan the tags and the information on the database will be updated.

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