Adding a barcode to an existing label

The barcode is one of the great inventions of our time and we are all used to seeing them at work every time we go shopping as they are swiped at the checkout area. However, the barcode is not just a very useful tool for the retailer that allows him to identify the price of an object at the cash point; it can be used for a great variety of other things.

They are also used for inventory tracking and are used expensively in the parcel delivery service by multi-national companies the world over. This is where the inexpensive after market barcode label will come in to its own. We are all used to seeing the thick and thin parallel lines which can be interpreted by a barcode scanner so that a unique code or reference can be used to attach other information to it.

It is these cheap to buy aftermarket labels which can be used to provide an effective way of adding a unique identifier to a product or package. The labels can be of any number of shapes and sizes with a simple sticky backing and they usefully can be provided either on a roll or a sheet.

If the item is likely to be subject to rubbing or water contamination, we have a number of other options which we will be happy to discuss with you and quantities do not present a problem, we are able to supply a small amount or a long run. Simply contact us for a quick quotation and your aftermarket barcodes can be with you within just a few days.

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