About Labels

We have said it many times but, a label is often the most visible reminder your customers have of your company and its products. That’s why the appearance of your label is extremely important. However, the appearance alone doesn’t define the quality of a label; above all a label must serve a practical purpose for a specific application.

Manufacturers and retailers today use custom labels for countless applications: product identification, delivery addressing, bar codes and QR codes, work-in-process, inventory control, pricing, promotional, and many other purposes. Naturally all of these types of label may have to adhere to differing surfaces which can include aluminum, corrugated, corrugated paper drums, glass, plastic, steel, and more.

We are constantly making strides to ensure our labels meet the needs of our customers, in fact testimony to our success is the fact that this success comes from helping our customers grow. We are fully committed to bring to the forefront technologies that will improve packaging automation, product identification and brand recognition. We have a fully committed team who are willing to help with creative solutions to our customers. DataLabel has helped thousands of customers we can help you too.

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