A label is a label is it not?

Well the answer to that can be an emphatic no as there is more to a label than just a piece of information about a product, or showing a barcode. Labels in marketing can be found and used for many purposes and the use of a clever designer, or team of designers will create attractive labels as this provides a distinct identity to the products which are displayed. The label will usually display a company name or a logo and will convey a distinct message and try to make the product alluring to a prospective customer, and clearly distinguish that companies product from that of a competitor.

Labels can be used for addressing purposes of course as well as attaching to a parcel as a return address and display a corporate identity. Labels in packaging are designed and can take various forms, for example shape, size and shade to make a product appear unique. Perhaps a company is running a promotion; here you would expect the design team to come up with a unique design to promote a product, or a one off promotion. You can also use labels as stickers for embellishing shops, cars or any other products, no a label is not just a label after all.

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