A few things to consider when ordering labels

We can get a quotation to you quickly, but usually the more information we have to hand, the quicker the label pricing will be with you. It is helpful if we know what the label is to be used for, that way we can suggest the bets material, adhesive or whether it will need extra protection such as varnishing following printing.

The quantity required will affect the price, as a simple rule of thumb; the larger the quantity ordered the more competitive the price. Having said that we are willing to supply short runs, but we have a minimum charge of £45.00, so it may be beneficial to increase the amount you order. Size also determines that price too, we have hundreds of stock sizes and we also can provide you with a bespoke size, but if this involves a size we do not have, a charge will be made, this can be anything form £32.00 to £90.00 we will always discuss this with you and can often find one from stock that is very close.

If you have not used us before and do not have your own artwork we will make a charge for this, also if we need to amend the artwork at your request which you supply to us could also incur a charge. What will the label be used for, cards, bottles, packaging also what environment will the label find itself in? WE can use adhesives that are easy peelable, or a permanent adhesive, very low temperatures, under water, there are adhesives for every environment.

What longevity will the label be likely to have, thermal direct printing does have a tendency to be sensitive to heat and light. Tell us and we can suggest solutions, thermal transfer for example. The more information that you can give us the faster the quotation will be with you and the label will be fit for purpose.

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