A few reasons why your company can benefit from asset labels

Asset labels are becoming more common as the business has increasingly recognised the value of keeping track of the items they own. They are now widely used across the UK by many companies, large and small and some of the benefits we illustrate below.

Firstly they are very useful for identifying office items because these are valuable company assets and have to be accounted for. The labels feature a unique number or barcode which can be referenced against a database of all the items you own if needed, ensuring that these items are easily identified and not misplaced or lost ensuring that you can keep firm control of your assets.

For companies with large open plan offices, or offices on more than one site, it can prove difficult to keep track of all expensive office equipment, particularly if these are being moved around the office or to a different site. If you need to find a laptop computer or a projector or even a mobile phone charger, you can do this using the database you hold on each and every item. The database will contain everything you need to find any item you are looking for.

Another big problem that faces all businesses is the regular yearly testing of items that are of a portable electrical nature and are subject to a PAT regime. Locating items is easier and the appliances can be found using the database you hold on the items if they have an asset label affixed and any future tests can easily be organised.

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