A different kind of barcode artwork

We are all familiar with barcodes, they have become a staple part of all our lives, we see them on just about every product we buy and may even see them at work on our equipment as a way to identify different items.

However, it seems like some people choose to view barcodes differently, and one of those people is artist Scott Blake. Scott’s latest works of art all feature thousands of barcodes, all positioned impeccably to represent the facial characteristics of a major celebrity.

Scott has positioned barcodes to look like singer Madonna, Andy Warhol and even the iconic Marilyn Monroe and it’s not just random barcodes which Scott uses. For his images of Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Scott has used barcodes from their respective movies, and for the Andy Warhol he used barcodes from packets of Campbell’s soup.

Scott commented in My Modern Met:

“I was originally inspired by the Y2K computer bug back in 1998. It was the end of the world all because of zeros and ones,

“I was experimenting in Photoshop, creating half-tone patterns similar to Roy Lichtenstein’s dot paintings, when I stumbled upon a line pattern that looked like a barcode.”

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