Security Labels

Buying Security Labels From DataLabel

At Data Label we offer a wide range, including security labels that clearly show when a label has been tampered with. If an attempt is made to transfer a label to another product, or to gain unauthorised entry, these labels will make it obvious – we call these tamper evident labels. Tamper evident labels offer an added degree of protection and can help deter theft too.

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Destructible labels

We offer two kinds of tamper evident security labels. A void polyester label leaves the word 'void' on the asset, the label will not be able to be attached to another asset without it being obvious. A destructible vinyl label simply breaks up onto many pieces should its removal be attempted.

Tamper Evident Destructible Labels

These labels cannot be removed as a single piece. They are made from a vinyl that splits apart if an attempt to remove them is made. You can customise these labels to your exact requirement with barcodes, sequential numbering, or even logos against a white background.

Void Polyester Labels

Void Sony Label

If an attempt is made to remove a void polyester label the word 'void' is left on the asset and the label cannot be reused. The labels are made from a durable polyester and offer good adhesion after 24 hours. The void polyester labels can be customised with numbering, barcodes, and logos as required.

All labels from Data Label can be customised to your brand using logos and colours as required, just give us a call to discuss what you have in mind. If you can't find what you need here talk to us about a bespoke solution.

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