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At Data Label we supply a range of barcode labels, designed for different applications. Whether you're looking for asset labels for tracking your assets, or simply looking to incorporate a barcode on your retail product, we can provide a fast, reliable service to fulfill your requirements. We can print the most popular EAN-13 (retail), codes 128, 39 and QR formats. Barcode labels can contain alphanumeric characters (except EAN codes), and we can even supply them using variable data from Excel spreadsheets or database files. Utilising the latest in digital print technology, we are able to incorporate company corporate colours on your labels, delivered within a matter of days!

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Different Types of Barcodes

Code 39The industry standard alphanumeric code.
Code 128Used extensively in the shipping and packaging industries, but also a high density replacement for code 39.
EAN-8Retail bar code where space is limited.
EAN-13Industry standard retail code.
UPC-ACode for tracking trade items in stores.
QR CodeOriginally developed by Toyota for car parts, now used by the advertising industry and can be scanned with a mobile phone.
DatamatrixHigh density code for small electronic components.
  • EAN-13 EAN-13
  • EAN-8 EAN-8
  • Code 39 Code 39
  • Code 128 Code 128
  • QR Code QR Code

Different Types of Barcode Materials

Usually barcodes are printed on white paper or polypropylene materials although, for more demanding applications where durability is essential, we can print on premium materials such as polyester and aluminium. This may be especially important where a label is intended to be exposed or subjected to harsh environments e.g the engine of a vehicle or applied to heavy duty machinery, where chemicals and/or abrasion are commonplace.

Barcode Sizes & Shapes

We have access to a wide range of "pre-sized" dies for printing your barcode labels. We can print most sizes and shapes using our highly sophisticated digital label press and finishing equipment, which eliminates expensive dies or tooling, meaning we can pass on our reduced production costs to you.

Retail Barcode Labels

If you are in the process of launching a new product, or simply looking for a barcode for an existing one and don't already have a unique retail barcode number, you will need to contact an organisation called They are a global organisation and a small fee is payable for their service. Once you have obtained your own unique barcode number, we can then assist in printing the labels for you.

Barcode Reliability and Verification

We understand how important it is that barcodes scan accurately to minimise any disruptions to your operations or your customers, hence the reason we have devised a system to eliminate error occurrence by ensuring that every barcode is scanned for its readability prior to dispatch. We do this because we know how much the quality of the product is absolutely paramount to the success of your business and your customers.

Our in-depth knowledge enables us to supply high quality barcode labels tailor made to our customers expectations.

Typical Applications include

  • Retail barcodes
  • Document tracking
  • Goods tracking
  • Inventory control
  • Asset management

Barcode Examples

Barcode Examples
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